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Exciting events, ranging from Open Houses to the Leadership Summit, are yours to enjoy, depending on your level of membership. View details of all membership benefits on our main Membership web page and see below for photo galleries of highlighted events and the latest news. To RSVP for events or ask a question, please call 774-519-5553 or 774-519-5570; or email

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Feed your passion for native plants at these 2024 invitational events.

2024 Director's Talk - Conservation

We invite our Conservation Circle, Sustainer, and Supporter members to join us for a fascinating live online presentation about the globally rare Robbins' cinquefoil (Potentilla robbinsiana), presented by Michael Piantedosi, Director of Conservation. Michael looks forward to sharing his team's efforts to keep P. robbinsiana alive, including a new project, funded by Botanic Garden Conservation in partnership with the US Forest Service, that aims to definitively characterize seed dormancy and germination, and evaluate seed longevity. The results of this research have direct relevance for optimizing conservation efforts and adapting efforts based on the predicted impact of climate change on plant regeneration from seed.

2024 Leadership Summit

We invite our Conservation Circle members to join Tim Johnson, the new CEO of Native Plant Trust, to hear about his first six months working with our dedicated donors, passionate partners, and skilled staff. Discuss what is best for native plants—from forward-thinking conservation approaches to expanding sustainably collected seed to innovative community science programs. Learn how you can provide a bright future for the communities of plants that support all life on this planet and the communities of people advocating and acting on their behalf. Share your optimism for a new, positive, reality for native plants and the environment!

2024 Heart of the Habitat: Fascinating Fireflies: An Evening Adventure

We invite our Conservation Circle and Sustainer members to join us for Fascinating Fireflies: An Evening Adventure, presented by guest speaker, Dr. Avalon C. S. Owens, Owens Laboratory and Fellow, Rowland Institute at Harvard. Join us for a brief introduction to the most common of the 167 species of firefly, followed by an adventurous moonlit trail walk to look for fireflies.

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