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An invitation to look deeply and express what you see

Native Plant Trust's new Visiting Artist Program invites local artists, creatives, movers ,and makers from all areas of the creative sphere to explore their art practice while working with and among the plants and landscapes of our native plant botanic garden, Garden in the Woods, in Framingham, MA, and our Native Plant Sanctuaries across New England. At the conclusion of their time with us, the visiting artist will present the culmination of their work to the public in the form of an exhibition, performance, conversation, installation, and/or other means.

Applications to the Visiting Artist Program will be accepted on a rolling basis. In general, we will host one artist presentation per season, but this may vary, depending on the work generated by the artist and the time of year.  

To apply to the program, please complete and submit the form via the green button below. We will follow up with you upon receiving your application.

If you have any questions about the program, please email us at

*Please note, this opportunity does not include housing or a housing subsidy. Visiting artists must provide their own transportation and housing.

Meet Our Visiting Artists

We are proud to host Christine Southworth as our first visiting artist

Christine Southworth is a composer and video artist based in Lexington, MA, dedicated to creating art born from a cross-pollination of sonic and visual ideas. Inspired by intersections of technology and art, nature and machines, and musics from cultures around the world, her music employs sounds from man and nature, from Van de Graaff Generators to honeybees, Balinese gamelan to seismic data from volcanoes. Christine will begin her work at Native Plant Trust in spring 2023. A portion of her photo assemblage 156 Mushrooms appears above.

“Instructions for a living a life:/Pay attention./Be astonished./Tell about it.”

—Mary Oliver
Cypripedium kentuckiense, Jaffe

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