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Discover Botanical Hawaii – April 1–11, 2020

Explore the finest botanical gardens and lush native flora on Hawaii, Oahu, and Kauai.

Once a year, we offer a trip to a destination that abounds in unusual flora. You will explore dramatic terrain, experience the nature and culture of the country, and meet other travelers who share your interests. Places are still available for our next trip, a journey to the heart of the Pacific, the Hawaiian Islands.

This botanical expedition begins on Oahu, where we will explore Wahiawa Botanical Garden, Foster Botanical Garden, Lyon Arboretum, Komo Crater Botanical Garden, and Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. Then we will go to Hawaii to visit Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii Volcano National Park, Kalopa State Recreation Area, and Lava Tree State Park. The adventure will finish on Kauai, where we will tour the National Tropical Botanical Garden’s Allerton Garden and McBryde Tropical Garden, Limahuli Gardens, Waimea State Park, and Koke’e State Park. We will travel to Hawaii with Betchart Expeditions, Inc. Click the button to download a brochure with a complete itinerary. 



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